All vital information regarding your entire fleet is available at your fingertips; be it the exact location of each vehicle or real-time fuel consumption. So sit back and relax while we help you streamline your fleet operations. Some of the primary features are:

Real time tracking

This key feature allows you to trace you vehicle down to the seconds. Unlike our competitors nationally or otherwise, we help track your vehicle with utmost precision and provide you with even the minute details

Fuel Monitoring

Satway brings you the most innovative and challenging achievement in fleet management. With our state-of-the-art software and hardware, you will be notified about the vehicle’s fuel refill and pilferage at a superior accuracy*. Thus the user get to know the correct quantity of fuel filled or pilfered from the sump with exact location and time.

Temperature Monitoring and other Sensors

Satway can also monitor your cargo temperature in real time and alert you in case of any sudden incidents. Satway can also incorporate other sensors like door, air conditioning, seatbelt and other parameters in order to keep track of each and every minute activities of your fleet.

Driver Identification

Satway Compass with its Superior 1-wire technology can incorporate different Driver Identification techniques like iButton, RFID etc. to exactly monitor and analyze the attendance and driving behavior of each and every Driver handling your Fleet.

Immobilizer with safety alarm

Using Satway you can start or stop your vehicle using your phone or PC. The immobilizer module installed in the vehicle along with the Satway Control Unit can immobilize or start the engine remotely with a preset intimation alarm in the vehicle cabin.

Efficient route-tracing technology

Using our ‘Route Trace’ technology, Satway can offer you information about complete route travelled by your vehicle during any time intervals back in history with the detailed information of any halts made in between with their individual durations.

Over Speed Alerts

Now you can set the maximum speed limit of your vehicle. So that Satway will monitor it 24x7 and in case if it is crossed you will be instantly with that speed and location, moreover it will be recorded in the log book for future reference.


Satway allows you to create virtual boundaries across your home, garage, and worksite and anywhere around the world. So that each time your vehicle crosses these boundaries, you will be notified and recorded in the logbook.

Reports and statistics

Satway lets you generate automatic reports and statistics on your desired parameters to aid in performance evaluation of your fleet.

Multi-level user management

Satway allows you to create sub user accounts that can be distributed to and maintained by your officers or assistants. Each of the fore mentioned Satway features could be custom-set to these sub user accounts, so that only required information needs to be shared with the subs.

Vehicle Records Manager

Satway can store many of the vehicle records like insurance details, tax details, RC details, Pollution Certificate details etc. Moreover it can notify you while the time of its expiry.

Trip Management

You can schedule your vehicle’s trip between any two locations. And hence you will be notified instantly when the vehicle leaves the starting point and reaches the destination.

Data History

Satway offers its valuable customers a highly secured data pool where all the incoming information about the vehicles, users and other applications are stored, sorted and structured. Hence the user can access any previous history about the vehicle position, routes, reports and expenses anytime through his phone or PC.