Privacy Policy

Satway Infosystems commitment to privacy

a. Upon downloading, installing and using the SATWAY VYOM, you will be prompted to accept the product terms and conditions (end user license) as part of the Software installation process to your device as custom in the Mobile Software industry. The same terms and conditions apply to all versions of Software across supported OS platforms and device models.
b. SATWAY is committed to protecting the privacy of those using SATWAY application and the confidentiality of the Personal Information provided to SATWAY VYOM.
c. For the purpose of this Privacy Policy the term "Personal Information" shall mean any information that relates to a natural person, which either directly or indirectly, in combination with other information available or is likely to be available, is capable of identifying such person.
d. Collection, processing or sharing / disclosure of any data or information under SATWAY is governed by Data Protection Act.
e. This Privacy Policy is subject to your accepting the "Terms of Use" of the SATWAY VYOM.


a. This Privacy Policy is applicable to the use of Satway software.
b. By accepting these terms, you will have a valid end user license to use the Software. If you do not accept these terms you are not allowed to use the Software

Collection of Information

a. Satway access the following user's permission through its Satway Vyom Software which you have installed in your mobile phone as per the "Terms of Use".
b. Satway Vyom collects the following information
* Phone Information - To create user in the server based on the user device IMEI.
* Location log - To show the live tracking of the Vehicle based on user location.
* Storage - To store the log file and image files for better performance.
* Call log - To make to call from the application. Satway requires call log permission
* SMS log - To lock or unlock GPS device based through Satway Vyom app requires SMS permission.

c. Satway never post user information to publicly available.
d. The basic purpose for collecting the information is for the purpose of giving better experience for the user.
e. When you download the Satway Vyom software in your mobile phone it is presumed that you have accorded to Satway your consent to collect the information including the Personal Information.
f. In case any Personal Information gets collected or captured by the Satway software, Satway shall aggregate / collate it in non-personally identifiable manner so that the same would not remain the Personal Information. Satway understands the importance of confidentiality of the Personal Information and confirms that the Personal Information will not be shared with any person in a personally identifiable manner without your specific approval.

Permitted Disclosures

a.In case Satway receives any requests in writing from any competent person or Government agency for disclosing the information including the Personal Information, and Satway is legally obliged to do so, Satway shall comply with such requests.
b. In case any information is available in public, the disclosure of such information including Personal Information is not restricted / governed by this Policy.

Reasonable Security and Safety measures

Satway shall maintain reasonable security, confidentiality and safety in collecting, storing, and dealing with your Personal Information.


a. You may withdraw your personal data by de-installing or deactivating the Satway software from your mobile phone.
b. Any temporary or unintentional deactivation of the Satway shall not be considered as withdrawal of your consent.

Complaints etc.

For any complaint, dispute or clarification or information about Satway Software or about the collection, retention or disclosure of your information you may contact the customer service by sending your feedback

Changes etc.

Any change or amendment to this Policy will be made from time to time without your explicit consent.